Providing "Tomorrows" Technology
drone flight picture for aerial recon

UAV ground station with unmanned aerial vehicles
The newest platform in aerial surveillance technology. Scalable to any size, light weight, long range, and pioneered for any budget.

Flight time determined on size and payload options from 60 minutes to 3 hours. Range is determined by aircraft size and antenna options from 3 to 25 miles.

Every Precepter is available with the same camera payload for optimum video downlink

640x480 Gyro stabilized
EO Imager
Thermal imager
Continuous 360 degree rotation
HD video recording (1080i)
HD snap capture still images
Laser Pointer for target designation
Target Tracking
Electronic Zoom Control

The Precepter aircraft come in a host of different sizes with custom payload capabilities to accommodate (and replace) your current aerial platforms with payload capacities up to 6.5 pounds. 

RVT (Remote Video Terminal)
Short range applications

The RVT is specifically designed for early detection, high mobility, and quick surveillance applications. It will work with a variety of portable computers, autopilots, data links, and sensors.

With its increased automation capabilities the operator can concentrate on the mission positioning the camera for optimal viewing and recording while the RVT flies the aircraft.

unmanned aerial vehicle for drone technology and UAV flights
Will function as a touchscreen or joystick control. Operator can access real time video or archived full motion video while in flight. The RVT provides selectable interactive maps and video screens.

Perfect for Law Enforcement applications with its 3 mile range and quick operation. Can also operate with most ground stations for extended ranges up to 25 miles.