Providing "Tomorrows" Technology

The ultimate ground station solution has arrived. This all in one station allows you to control the TRAKER X8 while switching the monitor between first person view, telemetrics, and waypoint controls using the touchscreen monitor. The integrated mini computer system running Windows 8 allows you to run your favorite photogrammetry programs like the Pix4D mapping software to generate orthographic-mosaic maps. Built into a durable waterproof & dustproof hard case, this portable ground control station (GCS), is light weight, durable, and provides fully autonomous flight while providing touch screen navigation control and HD video.
Condor Aerial is proud to present the most advanced heavy lift drone ever created--the TRAKER X8. At less than 13 pounds, the X8 is easy to transport and easy to use. With its lightweight construction, powerful motors, and advanced battery system the TRAKER can fly for 90 minutes with its special designed Gemini search and rescue pod and over 20 minutes with a wheels up weight of up to 42 pounds. This heavy lifter is able to support large stabilization systems like the DJI Ronin and film cameras like the RED EPIC. The TRAKERs low weight and heavy lift capabilities allow you to capture the most incredible aerial footage ever seen.

We can adapt a multitude of sensor payloads including Chemical Biological and Radiological detectors, Millimeter wave Radar, UV illumination, Hyper-spectral, LIDAR, FLIR Radiometric capable cameras, 20X 1080p HD or 4KOptical Zoom. Moreover, Condor can also provide various secure data link connections for short, medium, or long range live HD video or data telemetry. Flight times up to 1.5 hours can be achieved depending on payload and flight configuration.

The Gemini, a new 3-Axis gimbal is built specifically for the TRAKER X8. The Gemini is built to switch between FLIR Ethernet based Radiometric or TAU 2 cameras in flight, has a long range transmitter with ethernet interface, 128-bit and 256-bit encryption, 1080p 60fps transmitter HD video at 25ms Latency, 20x optical zoom HD camera with HDMI or LVDS interface. Eye-safe Green Laser for subject / target marking.
Advanced Flight
This system allows users to view valuable inflight telemetric data such as speed, distance, heading, and more. Waypoints can be set with the swipe of a finger and flight paths can be monitored in real time with intuitive displays.
Portability and Security
Keep your entire control system in one central location! The GCS is built into a durable hard case so that your entire base station is securely contained and easily transported. Everything that you need to operate your craft is kept together in one easy to use case.